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Our work,
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We only work on projects that align with our values, and we love to be involved every step of the way. We want to show off a beautiful website as much as you do!

Our Towns Civic Foundation

The foundation grows out of the work of Deborah and James Fallows, in their years of local-level reporting that led to the best-selling book Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America, and the subsequent HBO movie.

Launched in2023

Developed usingWordPress


Browser Mockup Browser Mockup For Our Towns Civic Foundation

Harriet Grove Botanicals

Corey and Sarah launched Harriet Grove Botanicals as a way to share with others the essential oil and CBD blends that have been meaningful in their lives. All products are analyzed at third-party labs to ensure quality and provide transparency.

Launched in2023

Developed usingShopify


Browser Mockup Browser Mockup For Harriet Grove Botanicals

Me and Jungle

Me and Jungle is an online plant studio based in Oakland, CA, serving the Bay Area with house plants, flowers, interior greenery, home decoration, and event floristry.

Launched in2022

Developed usingShopify


Browser Mockup Browser Mockup For Me And Jungle

My Happier Mind

Cue Cards for My Happier Mind are a friendly way to help combat and prevent depression, anxiety, and other tough moods. Vetted and endorsed by mental health professionals.

Launched in2022

Developed usingWordPress


Browser Mockup Browser Mockup For My Happier Mind

Paper Ghosts

Paper Ghosts, also known as “Fantasmas de Papel,” is a Portugal-based collection of vintage photos and modern stories. They publish stories in both English and Portuguese.

Launched in2021

Developed usingWordPress


Browser Mockup Browser Mockup For Paper Ghosts

The Craftsmanship Initiative

The Craftsmanship Initiative was founded in 2015 to reclaim craftsmanship’s principles of excellence, beauty, and durability as a pathway to a more sustainable world.

Launched in2020

Developed usingWordPress


Browser Mockup Browser Mockup For The Craftsmanship Initiative
Cinza Web Design


We developed two of our most used WordPress plugins. Because they are very lightweight and offer great flexibility, they’re ideal for a variety of projects. They are currently active on more than 80 websites.

Grid Icon

Cinza Grid

Built with Isotope by Metafizzy.

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Cinza Slider

Built with Flickity by Metafizzy.

Our plugins have been developed in partnership
with Razorfrog Web Design.

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Cinza Web Design

A little bit about us

Vinicius, the lead web designer and developer of Cinza, has been working at Razorfrog Web Design since 2016. He decided to create Cinza in 2020, when he felt that he was ready to put together a portfolio of some of his favorite independent work, and start some new projects with the help of his friends Thadeu and Raymond.

We are all proud members of the LGBTQ+ community, and we hope to help make the internet a better place for everybody. We are not only proud of the technical aspect of our work, but also the people involved, and their individual missions.

Cinza Web Design
Cinza Vinicius Miazaki 900X900 1

Vinicius Miazaki

Web designer and developer

Cinza Thadeu Brandao 900X900 1

Thadeu Brandao

UI/UX designer

Cinza Raymond Pluechel 900X900 1

Raymond Pluechel


How can we help you?

It takes just a few steps to build and launch your new website. We’ll strive to make this process as easy as possible for you.


We’ll organize all your ideas and goals into an outline, making sure we are on the same page.

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Based on the project outline, we’ll select the best platform and tools to build your website.

Illustration Of Development Section


When everything is ready, we’ll launch your website and help you maintain it as needed.

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Platforms and tools

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